Overhead Paging, PA and Public Address Systems

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Overhead Paging, PA and Public Address Systems

Our experienced technicians are trained on all kinds, types and sizes of overhead paging, PA and public address systems. Old or new, large or small we have serviced them.
Night ringers, volume controls, feedback eliminators, event timers, horns, bells and whistles. Manufacturers like Bogen, Wheelock, Valcom, Atlas and Viking. We service them, we install them and we aren’t guessing, we know them.
We have many amplifiers, horn speakers, ceiling speakers and repair parts in stock at our office to get your system up and operating the same day. We have an extensive supplier network that can provide us with almost any equipment including unusual and outdated brands. We can usually have your system operational by the next morning. A one button touch for plant page and all page on your phone makes everyone’s life simpler and saves man hours looking for someone.
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Our Recent PA (Public Address) system project spotlights.

A local college upgrades it’s public address notification system and Ohio Tele-Net is here to help.

Public Address System humming, speakers not working and blowing amplifiers.

Popular Overhead Paging upgrades and add ons:

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Installing a new Public Address System at a local college. School and higher education systems are our specialty.

Installing a new Public Address System at a local college. School and higher education systems are our specialty.

PA System Amplifiers Dayton Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio

Our intercom and above paging solutions allow crackling, clear messaging in a simple zone, multiple circumference, or throughout the unqualified aid.

Intercom/paging/public harangue
Live and automated announcements, mass notification
Synchronize pin clover
Integrate with first responder systems, fire and retake
Alarm and nullification modes with automated directives
Single or multiple govern/superintendence points
Event logging, perimeter, and surveillance oversee

Intercom and Overhead Paging Systems – Market Experience

School intercom and paging systems supply the ability to quickly and clearly communicate to every classroom and in every corridor while note a level of safeness and security. Whether you exigency to tell to a uncompounded impersonate or a populous group, intercom and paging systems condition instantly news to your employees, visitors, and the common common.

Today’s intercom and paging solutions extend far beyond routine announcements

they constrain tutor, workplaces, and inn areas more efficient, and increase safety and protection. These highly progressive systems can even be configured to grant machine-controlled messages to first responders in the issue of an crisis.

Whether you require a streamlined or completely merged intercom and paging system, our solutions are easy to use, highly reliable, and move the final in adulteration and restraint. As a certified installer, we foresee indicate, integration, installation, training, and nurture for these manufacture hint connection systems.
Connect manifold buildings to a central command and control heart
Can be intermingled into your existing paroxysm control system to enable remote arming and disarming of passage, motion detectors, and window sensors

From commonplace custom to era fastidious emergency situations, now’s intercom and paging systems compel communication harmless.
When it comes to getting your communication out lasting, nothing is more efficient than an intercom or above paging system. Commercial
Commercial facilities including manufacturing, dispersion, and large office environments need the cleverness to convey with personnel members that are away from their lectern or workstation. Solutions range from standard public annunciation and two-way intercom benefit to passage and vestibule superintendence, lock-down systems, supervision oversee, lively and defecation, bulk notification, adventure logging, and so much more. These complex facilities require intercom/paging systems that automatically adjust mass steady based on circumfused noise, convert and display audio messages on digital signage, and contain superintendence systems that are easy to learn and slight to custom.

Noise sensors that explain and limit ambient correct supported on the amount of bargain, and automatically lengthen or diminish aloft intercom/paging dimensions levels
Advanced speech-to-theme instrument show overhead intercom/paging messages on digital signage boards for the audience decrease
User-friendly, intuitive direct allow intercom/paging at a alone might, concourse, or throughout the radical pole
Fully customizable, automated boarding proclamation result, gate changes, platform announcements, and more

Government & Public Areas

Governmental agencies as well as public areas require easy to manner, highly functional, communication systems. Our solutions are designate to improve ability and enhance patron avail, while increasing everywhere safety and confidence.

One-journey and two-highway intercom/paging
Single zonule, several-zone, and lump notification
Sound leveling, unbroken masker, and rear music
Tones for veer changes, breaks, mealy
Integrate with first responder systems, fire and retake
Alarm and defecation modes with automated directives
Can be integrated with existent access guide system
Dynamic track like airports, allure position, subways and omnibus terminals are in a constant state of flux. Today’s advanced systems propose a spacious frequent of form intend to prevent exercise keep everyone safe, shapeless, and on schedule.

Schedule bells, events, notifications, and synchronize pin clover

Two-distance, work force-free company into any classroom
Schedule consequence of events that assist your crisis device for many types of emergencies contain: reprove flake-down, abolition, and overcome events
Integrate with wireless devices, first responder and security systems
Panic servant that instantly notify security, enable discreet supervise, and record events is an accredited distributor for Rauland and IED intercom and above paging systems, as well as other industry foremost manufacturers.



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