Time Change Instructions – DX-80 and DX-120
From the phone,
  1. Dial Feature # *
  2. Dial the DB Admin Password, # # # # # # # # (Press # 8 times)
  3. Press [show ].
  4. Dial 08-14, then press [save ].  This advances to the System Time programming screen.  
  5. Press [show ], the Year database item displays.  
  6. Press [next ] several times to advance to the Hour.
  7. Press [chg] and type in the 2 digit hour in military time.  Press [save]
  8. Press the On/Off Button twice to exit.
Depending on your software level, you may need to also change the voice mail time.

Time Change Instructions – Voice Mail
From the phone,
  1. Press the voice mail button.
  2. When asked for your password, press #.
  3. You will hear an announcement, press # again.
  4. Enter the supervisor’s mailbox, 70
  5. Enter the password for mailbox 70
  6. Press 6 for the Supervisor’s menu
  7. Press 7 for System Time
  8. Follow the instructions for changing the voice mail time.

Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information provided.  Dimension Electronics, Inc.
assumes no responsibility, express or implied, for errors or omissions.

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