Vertical Summit IP Telephone System

Simple.  Mobile.  Affordable.  Expandable.

Let Dimension be your guide to the Vertical Summit IP Telephone System.  Whether you have
5 phones or 50, we can program your Vertical Summit system to provide the features you need
to operate your business.

  • Simple User Interactions
  • DE Reference Guide provides quick information on the most common features
  • We can set up and maintain your system when changes are needed so you can stay
    focused on your business
  • Operates as a stand-alone PBX to serve your business

  • Each system includes starter licenses for UCS Desktop and Mobile clients
  • Seamless, single number connectivity to customers and co-workers from your PC
    or Smart Phone
  • Make, receive and transfer calls from anywhere
  • Email notification of voice mail messages

  • Powerful communication features at a great price
  • Rich array of features included as standard
  • Legacy Vertical and Vodavi phone support

  • Simple Voice Over IP: Built in VoIP support for SIP Trunks,
    IP Phones and UCS Mobile Clients with starter licenses
  • Up to 48 digital stations can be supported before expanding to the Summit 800.
  • Can expand to handle up to 100 users on a single system
  • Multiple locations?  Network up to 250 sites together to integrate your communications
    into one dial plan.

Let Dimension take your business communications to new heights with the Vertical Summit,
the affordable solution for your mobility and communication needs.

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