System Programming using Standard Parameters
  • All lines will ring the same  
  • Day - Specified phones will ring.  Auto Attendant will answer after 15 seconds.
  • Night - Auto Attendant will answer on the first ring.
  • Calls transferred to an extension by another station or Auto Attendant will
    ring for 15 seconds and then go to that extensions mailbox.
  • Calls placed on hold will recall to the extension after 120 seconds
  • Music on hold will be internal and use the default internal option
  • When the handset is lifted, phones will get intercom
  • Voice mail message settings
  • Maximum greeting length 90 seconds
  • Maximum messages per box 50
  • Maximum message length 300 seconds
  • Maximum retention time 30 days

What's next?
1.  Select the
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3.  Review Warranty and Installation conditions
4.  Contact Us if you are ready to order the system.
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