Vertical Summit IP Telephone System Pricing

$2,435 plus Installation Labor

Includes 7 - 24 Button Phones

  • 4 Line
  • 8 Station Ports
  • 4 IST Station Ports
  • 2 IP Ports
  • 4 Channel by 16 Hour Voice Mail
  • 5 year mfg. equipment warranty

What is your to-do list for us?
  • Assist with recording day and night greetings?  (Users will record their own greetings)
  • Review DE System Reference Guide?
  • Print Labels for Digital Phones?
  • Use Standard Parameters to program system?
  • Do you need Optional items?
  • Use existing cable?  or  Run new cable?

Pricing does not include Ohio sales tax; Pricing is subject to change; Please review warranty
and installation
conditions; Geographical location can effect pricing.  Installation labor will be
estimated before installation.                                                

What's next?
Select another
quantity of phones and review pricing
Provide us site info
Contact Us if you are ready to order the system
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